17th AFCMA Congress 2021

16-19 September, 2021 -- 9:00 am – 19:00 pm GMT+8


16-19 September, 2021





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Time 16 September 2021, Thursday
0800 - 0900 Opening Mass
0900 - 0905 Opening Ceremony
0905 - 0940 Welcome Speeches
0940 - 1025

Alimurung Lecture

Title: Healing the Heart of Humanity in Times of Adversity
Speaker: Prof Christopher Kwan Hoong Ng

1025 - 1130 Alimurung Lecture Q&A and Sharing
1400 - 1500 AFCMA AGM

Time 17 September 2021, Friday
0900 - 0940

Keynote lecture 1

Title: Cures, miracles and serving the sick – a bridge between healing and spirituality
Speaker: Dr Alessandro de Franciscis


Symposium 1: …and at the our of our death

Chair: Dr Anton Sebastiampillai

1000 - 1020

Title: Palliative Medicine, Redemptive Suffering and Euthanasia

Speaker: Dr Richard Lim

1020 – 1040

Title: Experience of Spiritual and Palliative Care in Advanced Cancer Patients in Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital, Korea
Speaker: Prof Stephano Seung-Kew Yoon

1040 – 1100

Title: COVID-19: The India Experience
Speaker: Rev Fr Dr Mathew Abraham and Sr Dr Beena Madhavath

1100 - 1120

Title: The Ethics of Double Effect
Speaker: Rev Fr Dr Clarence Devadass and Dr Juliet Mathew


Symposium 2: …and the power of the Lord was with Him to heal

Chair: Dr Austin Ma

1140 - 1200

Title: Medical Aspects of Addiction
Speaker: Prof Phillip George

1200 - 1220 Title: Addiction – Sin or Illness? A Catholic Perspective
Speaker :  Rev Fr Dr Clarence Devadass
1220 – 1240 Title: Bracing for Impact: The Aftermath of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Wake of a Pandemic
Speaker: Prof Mary Marret
1240 - 1300 Title: Waiting For The Last Breath, The Struggle of COVID-19
Speaker: Dr Yovita Hartantri and Dr Laniyati Hamijoyo
1310 - 1330 Title: Waiting For The Last Breath, The Struggle of COVID-19
Speaker: Dr Yovita Hartantri and Dr Laniyati Hamijoyo

Symposium 3: Go forth and multiply

Chair: Prof Joon-Ki Kang

1400 - 1420 Title: NaPro Technology
Speaker: Sr Dr Arlene Te
1420 - 1440 Title: Assisted Reproduction – Where Are We Now?
Speaker: Prof Nisha Angela Dominic
1440 - 1500 Title: Towards Zero Thalassemia Growth: Premarital Screening vs. Prenatal or Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis
Speaker: Dr Edhyana Sahiratmadja
1500 - 1520 Title: How do I Explain why Artificial Contraception is Wrong
Speaker: Dr Lek Lim CHAN

Time 18 September 2021, Saturday
0900 - 0940

Keynote lecture 2

Title: Withdrawing Ventilator Care During COVID-19
Speaker: Fr Joseph Tham, Fr Louis Melahn and Michael Baggot


Symposium 4: In the Image of the Divine Physician

Chair: Dr Lukas Jusuf

1000 - 1020

Title: Building Bridges Through Healing and Spirituality
Speaker: Sr Dr Mary Lou

1020 - 1040

Title: Empathy within the Doctor-Patient Encounter: What Does it Mean for Us?
Speaker: Prof Pacifico Calderon

1040 - 1100

Title: A Christological Reflection on Compassion and Healing
Speaker: Rev Fr John Junyang Park

1100 - 1120

Title: Asian Catholic Doctors: Answering Today's Urgent Challenge through Sharing of Commonalities to Restore the Culture of Life
Speaker: Dr Rene Josef Chiong Bullecer


Symposium 5: Catholic Physicians, Quō vādis?

Chair: Dr Michael Raj

1140 - 1200 Title: Sorry God, I am Too Busy Saving Lives
Speaker: Datuk Dr Heric Corray and Dr Carol Lai
1200 - 1220 Title: Faith, Finances, Family – Physicians in a Fix
Speaker: Dato’ Dr Fitjerald Henry and Dr Carol Lai
1220 - 1240 Title: Building Bridge - A Dialogue of Encounter
Speaker:  Rev Fr Michael Chua
1240 - 1300 Title: Surfing the Pandemic Wave With Jesus
Speaker: Dr Valentinus Yudy
1300 - 1320 Title: Touching the Heart while Upholding Empathy - Searching for Humility
Speaker: Dr Teddy Prasetyono

Symposium 6: Looking for Christ among the least of my brothers

Chair: Dr Shigeyuki Kano

1400 - 1420 Title: Social Justice and Catholic Doctors
Speaker: Dr Joachim Perera
1420 - 1440 Title: Looking for Christ Among the Least of My Brothers
Speaker: Dr Albert Yong
1440 - 1500 Title: A Call to Serve
Speaker: Dr Caroline Gunn
1500 - 1520 Title: From Despair, to Hope, to Fullness of Life
Speaker: Mr Alex Arokiam

Symposium 7: If you have not been faithful to little things, who will entrust you to true riches

Chair: Dr Rosalind Simon

1540 – 1620 Title: The Global Climate and Health Emergency
Speaker: Ms Clare Westwood
1620 - 1640 Title: Ecological Practices of a Green and Healthy Hospital
Speaker: Sr Arcelita Sarnillo

Time 19 September 2021, Sunday
0800 – 1130

Country reports

Scientific Congress Resolution

AGM results

Concluding Remark by In-coming AFCMA President

Thank you Speech by Dr Freddie Loh

1130 - 1230 Closing Mass


The organising committee for the 17TH AFCMA Congress 2021 cordially invites prospective authors to submit abstracts for poster presentations at the Congress. The Congress theme is “ Building Bridges Through Healing & Spirituality ”.

The abstract word count should not exceed 200 words. Please use the format as follows:


List of authors:

Authors’ affiliations:

Abstract (not exceeding 200 words):

The abstract submission deadline is: 31 July 2021

Abstract acceptance notices will be issued on: 15 August 2021

Please send the completed abstract via e-mail attachment to: afcma_2021@yahoo.com

Please take note that if the abstract is accepted, the submitting author will need to register to attend the Congress.

We look forward to meeting you at the Congress.

Thank you and God bless

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have access to the internet, so you can participate wherever that is.
You can use your email address and password that you have entered during registration to login on the day of the event.
The event will remain open 24/7 for 30 days! Therefore, you can attend whenever it is convenient for you during that period of time.
This is an online event. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate anywhere that you have Internet access.
It can be downloaded from the Info Desk Section at the Main Congress Lobby
You can ask questions by visiting the different chat rooms or by joining the webinars and asking your questions during the Q&A sessions there.

1. Payment can be made via telegraphic transfer / direct bank-in to the following account
Name of Account: AFCMA Congress 2020
Account No: 514161132211
Name of Bank: Maybank (Malayan Banking Berhad)
Telephone No: +603-7956 9363
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2. Cheque – made payable to AFCMA Congress 2020

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All registration is confirmed and complete only when the proof of payment is attached and sent to afcma2021@gmail.com and verified by the registration team.

    Terms & Conditions
  1. All payments should be made directly into the bank account details provided.
  2. Please note that all related bank charges, financial charges are to be borne by the participants and are not to be deducted from the fees payable to the Conference.
  3. Registration fee is non-refundable.




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